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A Detailed Outline of the ZURI Filmmaking Process

I'm going to show you how to get your films in front of investors and production companies who can help create your project. And I'm also going to show you how to get your film in front of streaming networks and distributors. By the end of this video you should have no excuses. I am going to eliminate all excuses from your vocabulary so you can stop MAKING excuses and MAKE movies. 


I had these same issues when I was a young filmmaker. And I'd like to insulate you from all the mistakes and obstacles that I faced. So let’s get right into it.


If you have a film idea and it's still simply in your mind then you need a script or treatment before you can move forward. For feature films you'll need a full-length feature film script or a treatment and for TV series you will need a pilot script or a treatment. If you aren't familiar with writing your own scripts or treatments then I have a staff of professional screenwriters who will write your script or treatment for little to nothing. These are the same writers that I utilize for my film projects. You NEED a script or treatment, we cannot move forward without one. If you'd like us to draft your script or treatment please click below after this video and move forward. 


I’m going to help many of you monetize your creativity. Whether you want to sell your scripts, distribute your film, series or documentary or if you’re in need of funding, the GOAL is to make money from your creative projects. 


If you already have a script, treatment or outline then the next step is to sell your script or acquire funding. We have access to hundreds of venture capitalists and production companies whose sole purpose is to create movies. With so many streaming platforms popping up the need for content has grown substantially. This is the perfect opportunity for filmmakers. Your project is necessary now more than ever so stop wasting time. We will professionally package and list your project details for hundreds of industry partners to review. We pay close attention to genre’s, sub genres and plot details because these are the first things they will see when reviewing your project. If they decide to move forward with your film an offer is made. At that time you’re paid as a writer and producer depending on your involvement. But you’ll set the terms during the negotiation.


If you have a completed film project that’s already produced then you will need distribution. We will display your film for over 100 streaming outlets and place it in our catalogue for over 5,000 buyers worldwide. Once in our catalogue your trailer can be reviewed along with your screener. We have our very own online screening room where buyers can review our full catalogue and purchase directly from there. We have the ability to showcase and sell your distribution rights to streaming platforms, cable networks, SVOD, PayTV, OTT and many more. You’re contacted per offer so you have the final choice to decline or accept each one. This is yet another way to monetize your creativity.


Let’s talk about percentages. My company receives 5% royalties for each movie that we help produce. This means once a film is distributed through our platform, we receive 5% of all profits made. Your company will receive 95%. 


If your film is funded through our platform then my company will receive 3% of the funding as a finders fee.


Our administration costs are as follows: To list your script for sale or funding we have an admin fee of $249 for projects under 5 million dollars and $299 for projects over 5 million dollars.


If your movie is already completed then there’s a $299 admin cost for streaming networks and $249 to sell your distribution rights to U.S. territories or abroad. It costs us to prepare each film and package it for review. Some films are sold and some are not. If you believe in your project then YOU cover the cost to take it to the next level.


Each film will remain in our catalogue for 3 months. If it’s making us money then we will obviously keep it in our catalogue. If it is not gaining any interest then it will be removed and we will notify you. I’ve had projects that were turned down and I’ve had others that were successful. Just because you don’t find success through one door doesn’t mean you won’t find a window of opportunity. If you give up or if you never try then you’ll never be successful. If you’re not willing to invest in your own success then why should anyone else invest in you.


I’ve presented each of you with an opportunity. All you need is an idea, or a script, or a treatment or a completed film. Opportunity plus preparation equal success. If you’re prepared then let’s monetize your creativity. Let’s make your movie! Click below to get started.

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How Does ZURI Work?

Project Details

Complete our project details document.


We list your project for our community of distributors, production companies and investors.

Submission Guideline

Complete your submission guideline and admin fee.

Project Review

Your project is reviewed by industry professionals.

Submit Project 

Electronically submit your script, treatment, completed screener or movie idea document.


You're paid for each offer you accept based on terms during negotiation.

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It's time to take your Movie Idea to the next level!!
  • Is the consultation free?
    Yes, you do not have to pay to speak with us.
  • Do I have to pay for anything?
    Yes! We charge $59 - $99 to submit your project. You decide who you'd like us to send it to. The exact amount will be discussed during your project consultation.
  • Are the submissions guaranteed?
    Yes! We will copy you and your producers on each email we submit to distributors, hollywood actors, or investors. You will see exactly who we've submitted the information to. We will also give you the contact details so you may check on the progress.
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