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How To Make Your Movie

Bring Your Movie Ideas To Life

Turn Your Movie Ideas Into Profit

It's time to monetize your creativity! 


If you're a filmmaker with a movie, series, or documentary idea and you're ready to take your project to the next level, click below.

Become A Hollywood Executive Producer

Check out our brochures below to learn more!

Sell ScriptS

Learn how and where to submit scripts for purchase by production companies.

Secure Funding

Learn where to go for funding, how to prepare funding documents and how to find investors.


Learn how to prepare pitch decks, how to pitch studios, and receive our studio producer contact list to submit your projects.

It's time to take your project to the next level

King Tademy, Jr.

Film Producer/Content Creator/Writer
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Make Your Fortune
Making Movies

Sell  Scripts

Earn money selling your scripts or the scripts of other filmmakers to
Hollywood Producers

Every day, producers, agents, managers, and other Professionals search tirelessly for new scripts. Learn where to submit your scripts to find them.

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Film Financing

Earn money Financing Movies
for filmmakers

Learn how to find investors, how to raise capital for your movies and the movies of other filmmakers. Become an Executive Producer today.


Earn money Securing Distribution for Movies

  • Learn where to go to distribute your film projects.

  • Receive our Hollywood studio & producer contact list.

  • Learn how to prepare pitch decks

  • Learn how to pitch producers and studio execs.

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How To Make

Your Movie

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Film Crew

Take your Project

to the Next Level

Knowledge is Power!!

Invest in the preparation of your project. Invest in your dream.

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