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If you have a film idea and it's still simply in your mind then you need a script, treatment or series bible before you can move forward. For feature films you'll need a full-length feature film script or a treatment and for TV series you will need a pilot script or a series bible.


If you aren't familiar with writing your own then our staff of professional screenwriters will write them for little to nothing. You NEED a script,  treatment or series bible we cannot move forward without one. If you'd like us to draft either of these documents for you please click below to move forward. 



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How Does ZURI Work?

Project Details

Complete our project details document.


We list your project for our community of distributors, production companies and investors.

Submission Guideline

Complete your submission guideline and admin fee.

Project Review

Your project is reviewed by industry professionals.

Submit Project 

Electronically submit your script, treatment, completed screener or movie idea document.


You're paid for each offer you accept based on terms during negotiation.

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It's time to take your Movie Idea to the next level!!
  • Is the consultation free?
    Yes, you do not have to pay to speak with us.
  • Do I have to pay for anything?
    Yes! We charge $59 - $99 to submit your project. You decide who you'd like us to send it to. The exact amount will be discussed during your project consultation.
  • Are the submissions guaranteed?
    Yes! We will copy you and your producers on each email we submit to distributors, hollywood actors, or investors. You will see exactly who we've submitted the information to. We will also give you the contact details so you may check on the progress.
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If you'd like to speak to a producer before moving forward, set up your FREE consultation today.


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