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Our History

Years of Innovation

ZURI's history is built on the veteran filmmakers whom set the standard of innovation and creativity. Today, we maintain that legacy and also strive to remain innovative by creating groundbreaking solutions for the entertainment industry and our industry partners.

Our Present

ZURI was created when several independent filmmakers became frustrated with the standard "Hollywood" process of film creation. It's almost impossible for new filmmakers to breach the doors the current system has in place. This ensures that new filmmakers remain at bay.

Today, ZURI allows all filmmakers, new and old, the ability to push their projects forward by utilizing the resources and knowledge obtained by the team here at ZURI.

Our Future

ZURI is always growing and evolving. As industry demands change and markets transform, we'll be at the forefront, leading the way with innovative solutions and services that will solve challenges and define progress for years to come.

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