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How To Make A Movie

Making your own movie is not a simple process however it is very possible. You'll need a few things to make this happen. The first thing you'll need is a script or a pilot script if you're filming a TV series. Next you'll need the following:

  • An itemized budget

  • An investment memorandum (for investors)

  • Production Bible

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Finally, you'll need to attach a director and/or notable actors in order to pitch your project to investors and distribution companies.

Investor Memorandum

If you are seeking investors or distribution they want to see notable professionals attached to your project.

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Here at ZURI Hollywood we have helped many filmmakers take their projects to the next level. We've prepared their documents for them, submitted their projects for distribution, attached Hollywood directors and actors, landed investors and major distribution deals.

Are you ready to make your movie?

Let's Make Your Movie

Old Fashioned Film Camera 2
Old Fashioned Film Camera 2

Innovative Approach

Let's turn your creative idea into a movie. The team here at Zuri Hollywood specializes in assisting creators like you in turning their passion into reality.

You bring the idea and we provide the resources. Everything from, treatments, investor memorandums, budget creations, show bibles, pitch decks, Hollywood actors and more! We will help get your project funded.

No Cost To Get Started

If you have a completed feature film script or a completed pilot script, we can assist you with bringing it to to the big screen. You don't need a budget to use our services because we help you secure financing!

Latest Project From ZURI

Blight Kickstarter Page Image .png

ZURI is proud of our participation in the continued success of the "Blight" project. We have assisted the producers in their pre-production efforts and have helped them reach the next phase in development.



Watch Buzz Trailer

We do not ask for a percentage of ownership or the rights to your work. You will maintain total control and ownership. Our goal is to get your film or TV series to the big screen.

  • Is the consultation free?
    Yes, you do not have to pay to speak with us.
  • Do I have to pay for anything?
    Yes! We charge $59 - $99 to submit your project. You decide who you'd like us to send it to. The exact amount will be discussed during your project consultation.
  • Are the submissions guaranteed?
    Yes! We will copy you and your producers on each email we submit to distributors, hollywood actors, or investors. You will see exactly who we've submitted the information to. We will also give you the contact details so you may check on the progress.

Take your Project to the Next Level

Opportunity plus preparation equal success!

Invest in the preparation of your project. Invest in your dream.

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